BCS USA Section Annual General Meeting

WILLINGBORO, N.J. April 4th, 2008. The British Computer Society USA Section, held its Annual General Meeting yesterday, April 3rd 2008.

The meeting was a nation-wide event, held via both telephone and video conference, supported by Microsoft’s Office Live technology.

In addition to a review of the year’s activity along with an outlook of future planned events, the officer elections for the 2008-09 year were conducted. The results were as follows:

Section Chair:
Gavin Grounds (Chairman & CEO of ExecutiveCSO)

Section Treasurer:

Dr. Peter Ingerman

Section Secretary:
Paul Burton, replacing Suresh Nair (President of Sedac.)

"Some of the hardest work was around getting the Section legally established in the States," commented Gavin Grounds, "so I want to thank Suresh for all his hard work and for supporting all of the meetings needed to get us up and running. I also want to thank Peter Ingerman, Section Treasurer, for his commitment and stellar efforts."

Other non-officer committee members were also confirmed, as follows:

Education Liaison: 
Quentin Hart-Slater, Paul King, Daniel Waddington, Enrique Madrona and Gill Robotham

Kaj Pedersen

Young Professionals Rep:
Clinton Jones,

General Committee Members: 
John Bridle, Edward Hayes-Hall, Prof. Helena Mitchell, Chris Horrocks, Grahame Clarke, Adisha Jayaratne, Andrew Marshall, Lohit Ranasinghe, Sql. Ldr. Ian Wilson and Ian Smith

Noting the success of the regional meeting held in Dallas in 2007, the BCS USA Section will be holding two other events in the first part of 2008. The next meeting will be on April 8th, 2008, in San Francisco in conjunction with the RSA Security conference

Thereafter, there will be another regional meeting in Las Vegas  on April 30th in conjunction with the Interop and CSI-SX conferences at the Mandalay Bay Resort.