BCS Student Chapters - FAQs

What is a BCS student chapter?

BCS student chapters provide a network of individuals and groups which represent the mission and vision of BCS. Through organised meetings and events, student chapters provide a platform to enable and support students to succeed and provide a pathway to professionalism.

How do I set up a BCS student chapter?

A step-by-step guide to setting up a chapter can be found here.

My university already has a computing society; can we set up a BCS student chapter?

Yes, we can convert your existing society into a BCS student chapter. For more info please contact: chapters@hq.bcs.org.uk

Do I have to be a member of BCS to join a student chapter?

The core committee leaders of the student chapter (chair, treasurer and secretary) are required to hold BCS student membership. There is no requirement for other chapter members to become BCS members, however, BCS membership would be advantageous as certain events run by your chapter may require a fee (these events will be free to BCS members). Student membership holds numerous additional benefits. More information on student membership.

What does being a 'committee member' mean? What do they do?

Each student chapter must have a chair, treasurer and secretary. Unless your university students’ union prescribes otherwise, there are also two optional additional roles: outreach officer and publicity officer. Role profiles for all of these positions can be found here.

Are there any rules for a BCS student chapter?

Yes, the BCS code of conduct can be found here.

For further information please contact: chapters@hq.bcs.org.uk

How do I contact a BCS Chapter?

Please get in touch with Laura Bartle, Student Engagement Co-ordinator - laura.bartle@bcs.uk, who will be happy to provide an introduction.