SQL Queries for Mere Mortals (3rd ed)

John Viescas & Michael J. Hernandez

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Uma Kanagaratnam MBCS, Senior Product Support Specialist


7 out of 10

The book is starts from the basics, giving the reader a background to databases and building a foundation for absolute beginners. It focuses only on data manipulation language (DML), which is a set of SQL statements used for retrieving, updating or removing data from a database.

The book is divided into four parts and structured in sequential order, starting with an induction to tables, views, keys and relationships. The authors then move on to the first word used in a SQL query - Select. In Part 2 we explore how to filter information.

After explaining how to retrieve data from a single table using the Select statement, the authors introduce us to examples with multiple tables. The operations discussed here are intersections, unions, difference, joins and sub-queries.

In the final part we investigate grouping data and how to use the aggregate function. We examine other DML such as updating and deleting data.

The book is well structured and easy to read. The additional exercises are beneficial to probe deeper and get a better understanding. This is something that the reader needs to set aside some time to delve into.

The reason I gave it 7/10 is that it only focused on DML. Also, it is not a book you can read without attempting the examples as they are the core and would benefit readers who are new to databases.

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November 2014