APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur - How to Publish a Book

Guy Kawasaki, Shawn Welch

Published by

Nononina Press





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10 out of 10

If you ever fantasized about writing and publishing a book but never quite figured out exactly how to get started, or where to go for step-by-step guidance and advise on the overwhelming choices on offer, then this is probably the book you've been waiting for, mainly because it does all that and more.

Simply put, APE (or Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur) covers everything that you need to do in order to execute all or any the aforementioned roles, and as you read through it you'll quickly reach the conclusion that success hinges on understanding and performing all three roles in your career as a self-published author and digital entrepreneur.

As you might expect, there already exist loads of how-to books on self publishing, but very few come as close to perfection, in terms of combining simplicity, expertise and sheer comprehensiveness, as APE does.

The authors are well-established practitioners in their own fields, but together they make a formidable one two punch of sheer value for the reader. Guy Kawasaki is a respected guru of digital marketing and Apple evangelist, and he is probably one of a few people that can credibly claim to being excellent at all three roles, i.e. Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur.

Shawn Welch is an author, editor, and iOS app development guru in his own right, which makes for a perfect marriage of form and substance that characterize this book, particularly in its secondary purpose as a manual on how the book itself was created, produced and marketed using the APE methods it teaches. 

The book is organised into three key sections, which respectively touch on each of the APE roles. For example, the first section starts by asking the question - "should you write a book"? A simple question perhaps, but one without any easy answer as it depends entirely on your key motivation, which may or may not fall under the four good reasons to write versus a couple of reasons not (I'll leave you to guess which group the "I'm just writing for the money" motive belongs).  

The middle section on publishing breaks down the world of traditional publishing and it also describes, in some detail, the plethora of emerging services and solutions now available for self-publishing.

Finally, the entrepreneur section takes you on a journey of discovery of what it takes to become the great digital marketing entrepreneur that you'll need to become in order to succeed as a self-publisher. 

Overall, the writing style is conversational, clear and entertaining whilst remaining relentless in its delivery of illuminating insights on the highs and pitfalls of self-publishing. The only low point, if you can call it such, is that the book sometimes gives the impression that self-publishing is the only realistic option to choose in order to derive the benefits and rewards of authorship, in this day and age.  

In spite of all that, I can honestly say that this is a book that delivers its greatest value not only by putting forward a great thesis, but also by demonstrating its validity and feasibility as a by-product of its own existence. The proof is definitely in the pudding with this one, and I’ll gladly give it full marks, 10 out of 10. I shall now go and sharpen up my pencils in order to try and emulate the success of APE! 

Further information: Nononina Press

November 2014