12 More Essential Skills for Software Architects

Dave Hendricksen

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Adrian M. Rossi PhD, CTO & Founder ARC Inc.


10 out of 10

This is the kind of book that, once you have discovered it, you wish you had read earlier in your career before you made the mistakes that taught you these lessons the hard way!

It is full of very practical and a fairly comprehensive set of guidelines that every software architect should learn as quickly as they can and apply immediately. These span not only technical topics such as design and modeling techniques but also, and very importantly, the soft skills architects need to be successful.

These are the skills without which all the technical knowledge in the world will do you no good. Being able to form productive relationships in every direction and solid social and communication skills top this list for me.

I found the author's willingness to compromise technical guidance under the weight of political pressure more than I would be comfortable with; but this is a matter of degree and something we must all discover for ourselves.

The book is well-priced and worth the cost, so buy it if you are a wanna-be software architect or maybe someone who has been thrown into this role and wants guidance. Follow the advice in this book and you will certainly do better at this challenging role.

Further information: Addison-Wesley

December 2014