Bedfordshire Chapter visit The National Museum of Computing

On Friday October 30 the student chapter at the University of Bedfordshire visited The National Museum of Computing.

This was a chance for students to step back in time and see the history of some technological developments as well as some famous machines.

Bedfordshire Chapter Visit The National Museum Of Computing

Darlington Chikanya, the new chair of the student chapter, commented:

“It was really informative. It was interesting to be guided through a time travel of computers."

"The computer I found most interesting was the WITCH or Harwell Dekatron computer. I was amazed to see it working. Its processing speed is so slow, I felt thankful to exist in this age! I liked how you can look into its memory and see where data is stored, I thought that was a beautiful design. We also did a little programming at the end of the tour, which I enjoyed. It was a good experience.”

Harwell Dekatron Computer - WITCH

Paul Osei Kwame, the past chapter chair, stated:

“The trip was an outstanding experience.
What stood out for me was learning how the Colossus was used to decipher the German codes during World War 2. Also, going through the Doomsday project and the news archives using the touchable interface was an awesome experience.”

The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a lot about the history of their subject. Thanks very much to lecturers Sue and Herbert for helping to arrange the trip for the group.