University of Stirling Chapter - LinkedIn workshop

On Monday November 9 the student chapter at the University of Stirling hosted a talk from CV World a local organisation which provides tips on CV writing, interview skills and building a LinkedIn profile.

University of Stirling Student Chapter event

Daniel Gibbs, the chair of the student chapter, recounts: “The talk mainly focused on LinkedIn and interview technique and was a really valuable experience for the whole spectrum of members in our chapter. For the first and second years most of whom had little exposure to LinkedIn and interview technique, it gave them a great idea of what they needed to do to get started, the best ways to search for jobs, and the encouragement that this was a really important thing to get started with as soon as possible.

For the third and fourth years, who are currently looking for internships and graduate opportunities this year, there were useful tips and analysis of what we already had, how to optimise profiles, and key lessons for interview technique.

Of particular value were being able to talk step by step through the positives and negatives of a LinkedIn profile, and how it could be improved, as well as discussing the range of different avenues and options available to approach when searching for a job.

Overall, it was a really useful experience, and I'd recommend that other chapters try something similar!”

Thanks go to the University of Stirling for hosting the event and to Magda from CV World for speaking to the students.