Nottingham and Derby - Agile and Lego Cities

On Wednesday January 7, Tom James (Chair of the Nottingham and Derby branch) ran an event with some of his contacts for local university students to find out more about Agile project management.

Tom explains: “My contact at Nottingham Trent Uni contacted me to see if I was interested in putting together an event with the Nottingham and Derby branch on the theme of Agile. Although the university teaches the basics of agile, the students do not get any exposure to agile in a practical environment. They don't get the opportunity to practice agile on real projects. Therefore, I wanted to get some speakers in to give an overview of the principles, then run a workshop to put the ideas into practice.

I invited two of my contacts to deliver the talks. I kicked the evening off with an overview of BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT, and what it offers for students. Ste from Fujitsu followed with a talk on the principles of agile which gave a high level overview of what agile was, the benefits of it, and also the times when it isn't quite so beneficial.

Agile And Lego Cities (1)

Secondly, David from Atos Worldline team did a talk on the myths of agile. Many of the students had heard things about agile which aren't strictly true, so this was a great talk to clear some of those things up. This talk covered the myths like; 'you can always deliver cheaper and faster with agile'.

For the finale, Chris and Phil from Capital One in Nottingham ran a workshop which put the ideas into practice using a simulation of Scrum. They got the students to create a backlog, estimate the sizes of the work, plan three sprints then build a city out of Lego in three sprint, followed by retros. "It was an absolutely fantastic demonstration of how agile works, and overall a thoroughly successful event. "

Agile And Lego Cities (2)

Thanks to Tom for organising the event and to the speakers for giving a thoroughly innovative and informative event for the students.