Beginning R: An Introduction to Statistical Programming, 2nd Edition

J. F. Wiley and L. A. Pace

Published by

Apress Media (Springer)





Reviewed by

Deryn Graham FBCS, Senior Lecturer


9 out of 10

R is rightly acknowledged to be an open-source language and programming environment with accompanying online help, therefore any book has to be able to add value beyond what is already freely available.

This book is both well structured and written, supported by clear examples and supplementary material. It is highly recommended as a teaching resource, its chapter on Input and Output is particularly useful and comprehensively explained.

The only negative seems rather petty - some of the text, font and size could be an issue for some readers. Whilst content is always more important than presentation, in this case the latter could be improved.

Overall, this is an excellent book for students and practitioners, or individuals with an interest in a related topic, such as information visualisation and big data analytics.

Priced at $39.99 the paperback also represents good value for money.

Further information: Apress Media (Springer)

February 2016