Freshers’ Fayres 2017

Term 2017-18 is here and the Chapters have been recruiting new members at Freshers Fayres. There were socials, great freebies and fun challenges to grab the attention of new students. With some exciting events being planned, we’re looking forward to the term ahead!

Freshers Fayres (1)

Bath Chapter were busy with not one but two stands, one for freshers and another for returning students. As a social exercise and a taster of their society, students could take part in the ‘bottle challenge’. For this challenge, students were tasked with working out the binary ASCII values of the chosen word, ‘duck’. Once they’d done that, they lined up and each person had to complete a bottle flip to be able to submit a digit. When everyone had finished they checked the number they had formed with their bits matched the value of the letter they were on and then they could move on to the next letter. The Chapter timed the bottle flipping part so all the groups were competing to get the fastest time, which ended being an impressive 2 minutes 48 seconds.

Freshers Fayres (2) 

Elsewhere, I joined the Bedfordshire chapter at their Freshers stand where we managed to get some new members to sign up, enticing them with some BCS freebies. One of the talented Chapter members even showed off some of his impressive Rubix skills which helped attract more new members. Reading Chapter had success on their stand, signing up 22 members. And at the Univesity of Bradford, they used the clever tactic of having some LED displays to get people’s attention - it paid off - they had to print more fliers at one point because they’d run out. The Chapter at Queen Mary, London had tremendous success at Freshers and presented a welcome talk to the new students to get them involved for the new term.

Aberystwyth had a great time at their Freshers Week, BCS freebies were once again very popular and helped them gain many sign ups. A competition ran at their stand, with the winner receiving a free hoodie (which the BCS sponsored). The Chapter also took part in the BCS Mid-Wales Branch’s Show and Tell - during which, AberCompSoc members presented AberSailBots - sail boats which are computer programmed for GPS. The CompSoc President also talked about her Summer research in Bioinformatics. They also had their first social of the year which received a good turnout.

There’s plenty on the horizon this term from Chapters to be getting excited about. To start with, the 2.0 release of Bedfordshire’s Hackathon in association with TUI  - and an exciting trip lined up to CERN for the Greenwich Chapter. The Bath Chapter have some great events in the pipeline such as a ‘Tech and Pizza Evening’ with a guest speaker from BT Labs who will be discussing the exciting topics of Data Science, Big Data, Cyber Security and the Internet of Things. Also, London Met’s Chapter have been collaborating with the BCS Information Security Specialist Group for their event, ‘Cyber Prevention through Higher Education Collaboration’.

As well as the Chapters mentioned here, there was no doubt lots of activity taking place across all 36 of our Student Chapters. We thank them all for their support in making others aware of BCS and look forward to working with them in this new academic year.

So, as you can see, there’s a lot happening with BCS Student Chapters. To get involved and support your local chapter or to start a Chapter at your University, contact me by email - laura.bartle[at]