Bedfordshire Chapter December events and workshops

The Bedfordshire Chapter have been having a busy time in recent months and it doesn’t look like they’re about to stop anytime soon! Please read on for a summary of their December activities.

Sat 2 Dec 2017 - Penetration Testing Bootcamp

Bedfordshire Chapter - Penetration Testing Bootcamp -2 Dec 2017

The Chapter organised a full day’s Pentesting Boot Camp on Saturday 2 December and this proved another very popular and successful event. The boot camp was led by Sarith Chandra from the BCS Young Professionals Information Security Group (YPISG) -with students who attended starting off with a wide range of levels knowledge of penetration testing and the associated tools. However, there was something to challenge everyone!

The event was aimed at both students with a general interest in learning something new and at those where the idea of penetration testing applications and infrastructure and learning the techniques for breaking into systems as a white hat hacker seems to be an ideal career.

This one-day overview of penetration testing, started with an introduction to developing a career in penetration testing, and then reviewed the methodologies involved and the tools used by professional ethical hackers. The event had hands-on sessions with both theory and labs.

The tools and techniques covered included reconnaissance and enumeration, vulnerability management and web applications.

Time at the end was given to ‘free for all’ laboratory exercises.

The positive feedback from the students was overwhelming and we are all hoping that Sarith will return for a further more advanced boot camp later in 2018.

There was some great feedback from the students who participated in the day;

"An excellent primer on penetration testing. A great mix of tutorials and practicals in a seamless and enjoyable demonstration, delivered by a knowledgeable and friendly presenter!"

“Everything was useful as I had no knowledge of pentesting and it was great to understand the basics”

“Excellent presenter/tutor provided a good mix of lectures and practical’s. Clearly well-planned and a cohesive, comprehensive overview of pentesting. Let’s have more from this same presenter - he is pretty awesome.”

Wed 13 Dec 2017 - FAST LANE Programming Workshop

Bedfordshire Chapter - Fast Lane Programming Workshop - 13 Dec 2017

Tomasz Koszkul, was the guest speaker at another successful University of Bedfordshire BCS Student Chapter event on Wednesday 13 December. Tomasz is a software developer based in Manchester UK. He currently works as a programmer for bet365, Manchester.

Tomasz is passionate about programming, and learning new technologies and developing better ways of doing things. He is proficient in a wide range of programming languages and technologies - Java, C#. C++, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS3 and the Bootstrap, AngularJS and jQuery frameworks.

He is also passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge with University of Bedfordshire students, and this was evident in this workshop.

The first half of the workshop consisted of a discussion on how to use programming for problem solving. Students took part in practical programming in the second half using technologies such as JavaScript frameworks, Java, C# and other programming languages.

Attendees asked many questions during the event, and the feedback was very positive, and it is hoped that Tomasz will return for another session when the weather gets warmer!

Sat 16 Dec 2017 - Penetration Testing Competition (Boot Camp 2)

Bedfordshire Chapter - Penetration Testing Bootcamp - 16 Dec 2017

Chapter Chair Faisal Hoque (right) his prize from Dr Ali Mansour (left) alongside an example of the workshop content in action.

Following the success of the Pentesting Boot Camp on Saturday 2 December, a further full-day event was organised by CST School’s BCS Chapter in collaboration with Dr Ali Mansour, Senior Lecturer in Computing and Information Systems.

The day started off with Dr. Ali Mansour (UoB Lecturer) grouping students with a mixture of skill sets, from experienced to beginner so no students would be left out and every group could complete the penetration test against a piece of software based on web sockets that the School had been given access to for collaborative work. It had been rumoured the software was unbreakable!

The event involved working in teams with the intention that the team that breaks or identifies the largest amount of vulnerabilities would be the competition winner.

This was very much a hands-on event but started with a general overview of the software and guidance. The importance of initial; information gathering and on paper assessment of the software was emphasised. Throughout the day, sharing of skills and knowledge was evident with the aim of enhancing the learning experience of all.

The day ended with a discussion of the findings and an announcement of the winners From the number of prizes handed out and the number of photos taken, it looked like everyone was a prize winner.

The students are grateful to Dr Ali Mansour without whose support this event would not have been possible. They found it a very beneficial day and have most certainly learnt a lot from the experience and will hopefully use it for only good purposes.

The University of Bedfordshire’s BCS Student Chapter are grateful for the continual support and encouragement provided by the Student Chapter team at BCS head quarters in Swindon, and the local Bedford branch of the BCS.