GSM London: Mendix workshop

On Monday 12th March 2018, Julie Kukesh, Director of the Education and University Program at Mendix in Boston, Massachusetts visited Greenwich School of Management (GSM) London to run a workshop on the company’s software. Graeme Hughes, Enterprise Account Executive based at the Mendix London office joined Julie to talk about the companies they work with and the needs they fulfil with the Mendix software.

London GSM - Mendix Workshop (2)

Mendix approached BCS with the generous offer of running a workshop at one of our Student Chapters and GSM London generously offered to host the event in their Careers Zone at their Royal Hill campus in Greenwich, London.

Julie started things off by explaining a little bit about the Mendix software and how it’s a great tool for professionals who have a strong understanding of business but a weaker understanding of programming. The Mendix application allows you to design apps with a user friendly, easy to use interface whilst it does the coding for you.

The participants were directed to the Mendix website to sign up for free accounts allowing them to try out the software and learn more about what an app consists of and how it is put together in the process. Julie talked them through the different steps to start creating their apps which was also guided through by the concise tutorial and helpful notes on the Mendix website. The room remained focused and engaged throughout the practical session.

When the demonstration had finished, Graeme talked about the service that Mendix provides and the customers they have worked with. A video was shown featuring a solution Mendix helped their client create for collecting data on wearable tech for attendees of a live event. Afterwards there was pizza and drinks provided by Mendix.

London GSM - Mendix Workshop (1)

The event was well attended by GSM London students and some staff. Two enthusiastic students made the journey from the University of Bedfordshire in Luton whilst other keen students attended from the London Met University. The workshop picked up a few passers-by who were intrigued by the session as they peered in through the glass doors. One student was disappointed to have missed the workshop and wanted to know when another might be planned. The newly formed GSM London Student Chapter committee were also there, they found inspiration in this event and have great ambitions for the rest of term.

BCS would like to thank Mendix for sponsoring and running this event and the team at GSM London for being wonderful hosts.

Would you like to try out Mendix? Visit their website to set up your free account and work through the tutorial;

If your BCS Student Chapter would like to host a Mendix event, please contact Laura.Bartle[at] Also contact Laura if you aren’t a Chapter, but would like to know how you could be.