Fundamentals of Computer Vision

Wesley E. Snyder, Hairong Qi

Published by
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 978-1107184886
RRP £89.99
Reviewed by A P Sutcliffe MSc CCI, MBCS
Score 7 out of 10

For most people, vision is something that they take for granted; it is as automatic as breathing. However, when considering vision from the point of view of a smart machine, it is a much harder task to achieve, and this has challenged researchers in the field for many years. But it is clear that it is a function well worth undertaking due to the immense number of potential applications that have already been developed, and the wide field of opportunities that are ever growing.

The authors of this book are leading experts in this arena, and they provide a solid insight into the considerable effort that has already been expended within the subject, as well as the direction that future research might take. Although the book is primarily aimed at university or college students, there is material within it that might be of some value to those actually working in this field, or on related activities.

The book might be seen as somewhat intimidating; there is a considerable amount of technical material, including a great deal of complex mathematics. However, overall the text is structured in a way that provides the reader with the necessary basis for much of the material, and it is written in a style that promotes interest. This is backed up by numerous assignments to allow the student to test their understanding and provide confidence that they have learned enough before moving on to the next section. In addition, there are a considerable number of references to other papers and books for the keen learner.

I found the material fascinating due to an interest in photography, and to a lesser extent, robotics; and much of the material provides insights into aspects of those areas of endeavour that could be highly valuable. However, it is a heavy weight piece of work, and potentially intimidating for anyone that is a beginner; and might well require some more basic resources to be studied first, in order to provide some background to tackle this formidable textbook.

It is not a book that would be of major interest across industry, but probably of more value for those that are undertaking in-depth studies within this particular field.

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July 2018