Digital Human

Chris Skinner

Published by
ISBN 978-1-119-51185-4
RRP £24.99
Reviewed by Chris Evans

9 out of 10

I found this book to be fascinating. It was a really unusual blend of history, technology and finance that I don’t think you would find anywhere else.

The opening section of the book and the history lesson it gave was excellent in its own right and really gave credibility to the author’s experience and global research.

I found the remainder of the book equally engaging. I was naturally drawn, as an IT person, to the narrative on the past, present and future of the internet, but also found the interweaving of the financial future elements interesting albeit to a lesser extent. I am of course aware of the author’s background and area of expertise and feel sure that those more adept with finance than myself would garner a great deal from it.

Overall, I found this an excellent read and definitely a thought provoking one.

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July 2018