Mobile Testing

Rex Black

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ISBN 9781780174044
RRP £24.99
Reviewed by Marie Walsh

10 out of 10

With technology advancing rapidly and organisations embracing the age of digital transformation, quality attributes of software releases for mobile devices have become paramount. With mobile devices now being used more frequently for everything from online banking, through to being used as medical devices, it is critical that organisations understand the factors required for successful development and release of software for mobile devices.

Testers can feel a bit lost due to the need for faster software releases to market, while also maintaining quality standards across a vast range of mobile devices and operating systems. While the concepts of testing remain the same, working out how to apply them and when to apply them, plus learning new technology, can be a bit daunting, especially for testers new to digital technology.

Rex Black's Mobile Testing book, based on the ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester Syllabus, puts mobile testing techniques and concepts into perspective using real world examples. Not only is this book informative on the theory behind successful mobile testing, but his ability to relate these back to situations which he has personally experienced assists the reader in gaining a greater understanding. All techniques and concepts in this book are well explained and relatable, making the transition and advancement in mobile testing much easier.

Whether you are looking at gaining your ASTQB Mobile Tester Certification, or just looking at learning or improving your skills in mobile testing, this book is definitely one to read and keep in your toolkit.

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August 2018