A coordinated, validated approach to raising online safety standards in your school - satisfying Ofsted requirements

Connects with students through practical, engaging content and real-life issues like social networks and cyberbullying

Teaching resources include lesson plans, presentations, assignments and homework tasks

Formal assessment to verify your students' understanding - delivered online with instant results and certificate

Who is it for?

Designed for key stage 3 and 4, our e-safety course guides students through the risks associated with being online and how to stay safe, behave responsibly and remain within the law.

Course content

The content can be integrated across your PSHE curriculum and offer practical solutions to the challenges your students encounter every day:

  • Benefits and risks of using the internet
  • Reporting and responding to e-safety issues
  • Protecting yourself online and your devices
  • Legal issues around downloading from the internet

I want to deliver BCS e-safety

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