We are looking for committed individuals with:

  • A strong computer science subject knowledge, particularly in programming
  • Experience of working as an IT professional.
  • A passion for supporting diverse talent into technology careers
  • Some experience in the education sector or volunteering/working with young people

Volunteering through TEALS is a significant commitment of time and skill that many people have found rewarding. As a volunteer in the UK, you will be provided with training accompanied by self-led learning to prepare you for working in a school alongside a teacher.

The time commitment to TEALS would be at least an hour a week in the classroom or remotely supporting teachers and students, plus a further 30 minutes per week for lesson planning and preparation, term time only (typically 38 weeks). Many schools and teachers will welcome additional time in school if you can offer it.

We recognise that there will be occasions where plans need to change. As part of a team of volunteers you will work with your teammates and teachers to accommodate changes in availability.

Volunteers are paired with schools that are in the local area to your home or your work. Some schools will be offering hybrid, this would be either 1 or 2 lessons per month in the classroom and the other lessons online, other schools will be fully remote. There are also monthly online meet ups for volunteers across the programme to share their experiences and gain insights in how the programme is working in other schools.

The process from application to entering school is:

  • Volunteer application.
  • Volunteer Introductory call.
  • Volunteer Enhanced DBS Check (a link will be sent out after the intro call).
  • Volunteer training Module 1 and Module 2 (prerecorded sessions)
  • Volunteer email address shared with the school for them to contact the volunteer directly.
  • Access to the TEALS community.
  • The school arranges an induction at the school.
  • Baseline evaluation will be sent out for completion.
  • First time in computer science lesson.

Apply to be a TEALS volunteer

“Yesterday I had my first meeting at the school I am volunteering at and have to say immediately knew I had made the right decision to volunteer on the TEALS programme! It took me back to my school days and I remembered how my desire to forge a career in IT stemmed from my year 11 IT class and teachers.” Aminu, TEALS volunteer

“I was really impressed by one of the girls in the class who wanted to learn more about Project Natick. The lesson was on networking hardware and I mentioned that Microsoft was innovating on datacentres. Project Natick is always an interesting one as we put a job posting out for a data centre technician with SCUBA diving skills!” (natick.research.microsoft.com)

“One girl was fascinated by it and asked me a ton of questions about how it worked. Hopefully helped to inspire her that not all jobs in tech looks/feel the same as she might expect!” Kieran Bhardwaj TEALS volunteer