Digital apprenticeship standards update

The digital apprenticeship standards have been updated by employers in line with the requirements of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE). Changes to the new and revised Digital Apprenticeships include:

  • Focus on duties: The standards are based on occupational profiles which set out the duties carried out by employees within their role, including knowledge, skills and behaviours which are applied in the workplace.
  • Changes to assessment: Apprentices’ assessment is completed at the end of their training and once they pass through ‘gateway’. Unlike the assessment methods previously used across all digital apprenticeships, assessments are now selected specifically for each standard, so that they are relevant to the occupation being assessed
  • Knowledge modules and vendor certificates: These qualifications and certificates are no longer mandated but may still be relevant to some digital apprenticeships.
  • BCS Digital Modular Programme: To support apprentices’ on-programme training BCS has started the roll-out of a new Digital Modular Programme as an alternative to the knowledge modules.

An overview of digital apprenticeship standards

This guide provides a short overview of the new digital apprenticeships and revised standards now available including key information and assessment methods for each.

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