It provides top-level insights into the training, qualification and certification market and what macro-level forces are going to change IT. This in turn provides you with insight into these key markets to assist in product development and marketing.

For this report we asked a number of professionals who work in the areas of business analysis, IT service management, software testing and information security to gain a broad spectrum of results. In addition, new for this year, we added a layer of questioning about the impact of artificial intelligence within their organisation which shows some interesting results.

We have also conducted for the first time this year, a report specifically for the Indian market as well as the UK report we conduct yearly. This provides interesting differences and comparisons between markets, so be sure to take a look at both reports.

Key findings from the UK report include:

  • 48% of respondents claimed to be very likely to study for a certification over the next three years
  • 59% would like a digital option for their learning
  • 51% would prefer to take their exam online from a remote location (e.g. home)