If you have an employee or group of employees who are currently in a digital role and have demonstrated a high competency level, or have recently completed an apprenticeship having passed an end-point assessment they are eligible for RITTech status at a small charge of £45 per individual with no further assessment. If they have achieved a distinction through an apprenticeship, then they can be awarded RITTech status free of charge.

This is a great chance to help guide your employees to the next level of their career path and to champion the digital IT industry at the same time.

Once they have accepted a code of conduct, they can use the postnominals RITTech after their name. As an employer it means your staff quickly standout as competent and trusted in the industry meaning you can evidence their level with RITTech status.

They’ll also become an associate member of BCS (AMBCS) and get access to a range of tools and networking opportunities which will also help them advance their career.

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