In an ever-growing industry, it is becoming even more difficult to differentiate and gain an advantage over your competitors. But, what if there was a way to gain a competitive advantage?

RITTech is a great first-step.

RITTech is a professional registration that demonstrates your competency as a digital professional. Unlike qualifications, RITTech is current. Whereas qualifications date every day from completion, RITTech validates your competency as a digital professional for a 3 year period and is regularly revalidated to ensure your abilities are up-to-date.


Walking into your next company pitch and being able to say “Yes, all of my digital professionals are fully qualified and you’ll find them on the RITTech register. Don’t believe me? Go check, its public.”

Who should apply?

RITTech is for anyone who works in the digital world, not just the conventional IT professional. For example, you don’t need to be writing code, it could be something as simple as being a digital marketing professional.

In short, if you regularly interact with digital products as part of your job role, RITTech should definitely be a consideration!

The process

It’s a straightforward online process which takes about an hour from start to finish. Here are the steps involved:

Complete the application form

The RITTech application form captures details about your work experience and / or qualifications. There are two routes to registration and the route you take determines which parts of the application form you have to complete.

If you take the experiential route, you’ll need to provide a series of written statements demonstrating your competence and experience. We ask you to give three examples that illustrate how you apply your technical skills and professional mindset in your day-to-day role. You should aim for 250-500 words for each, so the information you give must be concise and personal to you.

To download the RITTech application form, you’ll need to log in to MyBCS. Once there, you’ll find detailed information guiding you through the process.

Do you have a qualification that's accredited for RITTech?

If you have, great! This means you can take the accredited route to RITTech registration.

You won’t have to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in written statements because your qualification provides all the evidence we need. You’ll just need to provide your qualification details in the application form.

Check your qualification to see if it’s accredited for RITTech.

Get someone to support your application

This could be your line manager, department head, team leader or a senior person who has recent first-hand experience of your work and technical ability.

We’ll ask them to review your application and verify the information you’ve provided - so speak to them in advance to confirm they're happy to do this and for BCS to hold their details for this purpose.

What happens once I'm registered?
  • Industry recognition
    On successful registration, you’ll appear on the public Register for IT Technicians confirming your place as a trusted professional in the industry.

    We’ll send you a Certificate of Current Competence valid for three years, as well as your RITTech pin badge and pen. And you can start using the letters RITTech after your name on your email signature, CV and social media profiles.
  • Continuing professional development (CPD)
    An important part of your registration is the commitment you make to keeping your technical skills and knowledge up to date. BCS membership gives you access to a wide range of professional development opportunities to help you do this, as well as resources and tools for planning and recording your CPD activities.
  • Revalidation
    Your RITTech registration is valid for three years. To extend your certificate after this period, you’ll be invited to submit evidence of your continued practice in a digital role and that you're keeping your knowledge and skills current.
    Log in to MyBCS to find out more about revalidation

Ready to apply?

If you are applying as an individual, all you need to do is login to your MyBCS account and begin the application process.

If you are applying on behalf of your organisation, please contact us as there are a whole host of additional benefits that can be obtained through organisational membership.