They would prefer specific feedback (with reasons for any suggested changes) via their online Request for Change. For example:-

  • Remove one of the 102 Skills
  • Add a new Skill
  • Split or merge Skills
  • Add a new or remove a current Task (Skill at one of the seven SFIAplus Levels)
  • Specific amendments to the wording of the seven Level, 102 Skill and over 300 Task descriptions

You can access details about the upgrade to the high-level SFIA IT Skills V8 framework via the Foundation website. In this site you will need to register prior to raising a change request.

SFIAplus V8 upgrade

In parallel with the work being undertaken by the Foundation on the high-level SFIA framework, the BCS is running a project to upgrade the very detailed content of SFIAplus. As the SFIA high-level content is partially or fully frozen the BCS will allocate authors (to write the detailed SFIAplus Skill and Task descriptions) or reviewers (to review changed SFIAplus Skill and Task descriptions).

We expect this work to commence in March and last for several months. Skill and Task details will be sent to authors / reviewers spread out over the next few months. They will be issued out as soon as the SFIA Foundation partially or fully freeze a Skill. There is a nominal payment for this type of work.

If you have not yet looked at the detailed SFIAplus framework, please open 'Browse SFIAplus' in the protected BCS members' site. This will open on the framework or matrix with links to all Skills and Tasks (Skill at a Level). Click on a Task (a Skill at a Level) and review the detailed components (the key one is Work Activities and related Knowledge and Skills).

Subsequently, or if you are already familiar with SFIAplus, and are interested in volunteering, please confirm your name and email and which skill areas and Skill codes you feel competent to review. For example, Development and Implementation (a SFIAplus matrix main category) and SFIAplus codes SWDN, PROG and TEST (Skill codes detailed on the SFIAplus matrix). Main categories will be used to identify authors for any new Skills and codes to allocate authors/reviewers to new / current Tasks.

Please reply directly back to who is the BCS SFIAplus V8 Upgrade manager.