What does SFIAplus give me?

Unparalleled visibility
Achieve a clear vision of the structure, skills and technical capability that will enable you to deliver your strategy efficiently

Transparency and understanding
Your tech people recognise the role they play in the bigger picture, their value to the business and their progression routes

Stronger performance
Build your team’s capability in a way that’s consistent, articulate, measurable and mapped to industry standards

Appeal to top IT talent
Raise your company’s profile and signpost your vertical and horizontal career pathways - for easier, more accurate recruiting

SFIA - the skills framework for the information age

SFIA provides a reference model for describing and managing your IT team’s skills and competencies. It’s a globally-recognised standard, developed by industry experts and backed by Government as best practice for identifying and developing IT capability.

Crucially SFIA offers a common skills language, accessible to IT, HR and L&D professionals, which breaks down barriers between teams, departments and organisations when it comes to transferring and recruiting talent.

What's in the plus?

SFIAplus was developed by BCS to bring the SFIA framework to life, adding detailed training and development resources. For each SFIA skill at each level, SFIAplus offers six additional task definitions and eight additional skills resources.

The result is the industry’s most established and widely adopted model, enabling both employers and practitioners to identify career pathways and plan development aligned with business transformation.

Will SFIAplus work with my team?

Applying SFIAplus in the real world is made easy because of its breadth and relevance to today’s IT industry.

BCS consultants will show you how to optimise SFIAplus for your people, helping you gain absolute clarity around your skills landscape and the steps needed to achieve your objectives.

As the professional body for IT and a member of the SFIA Foundation, BCS holds a unique position in the tech community. That’s why we’re able to offer critical insight, impartial guidance and exclusive opportunities for organisations to develop their teams and reach their long-term goals.

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"CalMac have restructured their IT department to meet the company’s strategic goals. Part of this was assigning staff to new roles. The roles were built using the SFIAplus framework. This allowed CalMac to standardise roles using the industry terminology and matched to the levels of expertise defined in the tool.”

Julie Mooney, IT Vendor Manager
CalMac Ferries Ltd

More benefits of SFIAplus

Access to online software tools for identifying and measuring your skills gaps

Clearer focus and increased ROI from L&D budget spend

Creation of specific and targeted job profiles

Effective transfer of internal skills between projects and areas

Greater awareness of your team’s profile as a business enabler

Engaged, committed and forward-looking employees

Recognition of latent skills and capabilities within the team

Transform your IT capability

Get in touch today to find out more about using SFIAplus in your organisation.