The report Accelerating the Internet of Things in the UK: Using policy to support practice was commissioned in 2016 from RAND Europe by IoTUK and BCS. The report highlighted the importance of "a process for policy feedback that will inform the development and adoption of the IoT in the UK….” and “…the significance of involving consumers of technology in informing IoT policy and in decisionmaking", but did not include specific recommendations in these areas. This high-level expert workshop is designed to start building on the report’s findings in pursuit of specific recommendations. It will be limited to 30 participants, with a cross-section of backgrounds including government, industry, consumer organisations and academics.

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Workshop on citizen engagement in policy-making for IoT
Date and time
Tuesday 13 June, 12:30pm - 5:00pm
BCS London
1st Floor, Davidson Building
5 Southampton Street
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