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This is a joint event with BCSWomen

As the co-chair of the Change Management Institute, Melanie works with senior leaders responsible for significant changes in their organisation, involving restructuring, developing and acquiring new businesses and long term cultural changes. In this highly interactive session, Melanie will take us through the latest thinking from the leaders she works with and the Change Management Institute’s Thought Leadership Panel.

Topics will include the expected competencies for change managers, building networks of change agents/change champions and the framework for managing large-scale change. Melanie will present a summary of each issue; discuss the different perspectives including links to well-known theories and models of change and how these issues in change are developing as the profession of change management matures. She will then facilitate a workshop for everyone to participate in debating the issues and sharing their ideas for managing change.

 Speaker: Melanie Franklin 


About the Speaker

Melanie Franklin has been responsible for the successful delivery of effective change and for creating environments that support transformational change for over twenty years. She has an impressive pedigree formed through academic research and practical consulting, is the author of 8 text books and is acknowledged as a thought leader in Change Management.  She is currently overseeing two major transformations, one impacting 140,000 staff and another that works across 5 timezones.

Melanie is a talented communicator and has a reputation for delivering complex information with humour and passion. She draws on her wealth of practical experience to illustrate concepts and to engage her audience in lively debates on advantages and disadvantages of each approach that she outlines.



The AGM will start at 18:00 followed by the event at 18:30. Food will be provided after the event.

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BCS Business Change SG joint with BCSWomen Thinking in Change Management and Business Transformation (and AGM)
Date and time
Wednesday 15 November, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
BCS London
Davidson Building
5 Southampton Street
This event is sold out