Hants Digital Women event.


Elizabeth Garber, Sarah Beharry-Goss and Saffron House


Building on from last month's 'Maximise Your Potential' workshop, this will be a creative and interactive session aimed at giving everyone a chance to reflect on their goals - and maybe explore some of the life-paths we don't let ourselves think through.

The session will draw upon the work of two Stanford Professors, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, who have developed an iterative & collaborative approach to innovation, 'Design Thinking’, at Stanford's D-School. Now, they've devised a course that seeks to apply those same principles to life - neatly summed up in New York Times Bestselling book 'Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Built, Joyful Life' .

Elizabeth Garber met Dave at the Lean In Leaders conference in July and will provide an introduction to Design Thinking and then lead some reflective & group exercises to get us started as we apply it to our own lives.

Then we're going to look at some of the obstacles we face in achieving our goals: starting with our own sense of self belief and a presentation from Sarah Beharry-Goss on imposter syndrome: how it affects almost all of us, and what we can do to combat it.

The evening will culminate in a creativity exercise led by Hants Digital Women founder, Saffron House, in which we construct a narrative around one key challenge we face: get ready to draw your 'Hero's Journey.'

This event is brought to you by: Lean-In-Together: South England Chapter, Hants Digital Women, in association with Ordnance Survey, BCS Hampshire branch and BCSWomen

We can be heroes: Life design and overcoming obstacles
Date and time
Tuesday 21 November, 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Ordnance Survey
Adanac Drive
SO16 0AS
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