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Katy Lethbridge is Business Development Director for Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd, a provider of Connected Healthcare solutions to healthcare, social care & housing organisations. Currently, the use of technology to support the remote delivery of health and care services is mostly focussed on those with high-level need and those requiring condition-specific support. Consequently, cohorts benefitting from technology-enabled care services are often small, with services largely being reactive and aimed at maintenance rather than prevention. Katy Lethbridge will use case studies from the UK and EU to show how using technology to deliver proactive and preventative services directly to individuals in their home can provide significant benefits to service users, carers, provider organisations and the broader health and care economy. However, Katy believes that ‘it is not about the technology’ and will emphasise the importance of risk stratification, service redesign, benefits management and an holistic approach to service-user need to ensure that technology-enablement delivers the outcomes required for all stakeholders.

The Speaker

Katy is convinced of and passionate about the necessity and potential for developing technology-enabled health and care services that improve care, reduce cost and enhance self-management and quality of life.

Trained as an analytical chemist, Katy has worked in the Life Sciences and Health Technology sectors, specialising over the last 15 years in the strategic development of multi-functional technical programmes, including; digital health, telehealth, telecare, patient support programmes and electronic patient record implementations. Katy collaborates with health and care organisations to introduce technology into their services.

She has previously developed and managed the International Centre of Excellence in Telecare, a grant-funding programme designed to bring to market innovative technologies to support effective and efficient provision of health and social care services, and has also led several UK and EU projects researching the needs of service users and carers, and implementing technology pilots based on those needs.

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Refreshments from 6:15 pm, followed by Talk 7.00 pm

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BCS Health & Care Northern - Connected Healthcare Comes Home: Remote Monitoring & Preventative Care
Date and time
Tuesday 23 January, 6:15pm - 8:15pm
Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre (formerly Days Hotel)
Sackville Street
M1 3BB
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