A three - part workshop on how to build your confidence and manage your career.


How to Rule the World from Your Office Desk in a 90-minute session will help you discover how to change the way, you think about yourself and your potential to achieve your goals. We will focus on your self-talk, focus on how to tame your inner critic. Give you help on how to set up a multi-pronged support mechanism that will keep you feeling confident even when you are facing setbacks. We will cover some of the more common challenges, which can shake our confidence at work.

Summary of workshops:

Session 1: held on the 7 June only

  • Developing Personal Confidence in Ruling the World from your Office Desk Designing a contract with yourself to try something new [Activity]
  • Why should having confidence matter to you?
  • What is confidence and the types of confidence that exist? What are some of the myths you have created about confidence [Activity]
  • Busting myths about confidence
  • No quick fix involved when building your confidence – it takes effort!
  • How to develop a flexible mind-set. Establishing where you are stuck now [Activity]
  • Building your self-esteem – Demonstrating confidence in situations you find difficult
  • How do you react when things do not go right?
  • Every journey starts with the first step – taking action [Activity]

Session 2: held on the 20 June only

Ruling the World with Impact & Presence – How to develop ‘Brand You’, so you can sell your skills

  • What does it mean to have impact and presence?
  • Why is developing your impact and presence important?
  • Don’t delay – start today [ Activity - From dreams to reality]
  • You become what you think. How to begin understanding yourself [Activity - questionnaire]
  • Understanding your strengths, values – What is your WHY?
  • Getting control of your inner critic/strategies for gaining and keeping control
  • Creating impact from the outside in [Activity - personal impact survey]
  • Developing your personal brand
  • Adapting to different situations
  • Creating your action plan

Session 3 : held on the 27 June only

Developing Resilience In Order to Continue Ruling the World

  • What is resilience?
  • Why will becoming resilient matter to you?
  • What does resilience mean to you and how do you believe it could support you in your career? [Activity]
  • Do’s and Don’ts of resilience , Tips and Hints
  • Resilience in the work environment
  • Understanding how resilience you are [Activity]
  • The four elements of resilience
  • Developing your personal Resilience toolkit [Activity]
  • Understanding the difference between mistakes and progress and failure and recovery

About the speaker

Christine Alexander-Smith, The Diversity Coaching Initiative Limited

Christine is an experienced Learning & Development Consultant who has spent over 25 years working within the SET, STEM, Banking, Telecom and retail industries.

She started out as a technologist working within the network and communication field in the 80's, then moved into roles that focused on leading, supporting and developing employees working within blue chip organisations.

Christine has developed employees and executives within organisations such as Vodafone Engineering, Siemens Business Services, BP Oil, Commerzbank, Halliburton, WS Atkins, IBM UK and EMEA, HP UK, The Intercontinental Hotel Group, and the British Computer Society, Saint-Gobain Plastic, Belgium and Los Angeles to name just a few.

Christine has spent many years managing technical resource, this has given her a unique insight as to what it takes to get the best out of people working within Stem and Set environments. Working at board level on diversity initiatives for the then General Manager of IBM UK, and working at a global level implementing coaching initiatives, Christine is skillful and passionate about helping individuals playing at the top of their game.

As a certified, credentialed ICF member (PPC), Christine has spent the last 11 years providing executive, career, and team coaching within the corporate arena. She has worked alongside corporate executive teams to improve workplace optimisation and climate, using coaching as a vehicle/tool to raise productivity and positivity within the work arena focusing on diversity and Inclusion and management development.

Her first love is always to share information in the way she delivers engaging talks, teaching and coaching professionals. Building on her knowledge of working within engineering and technical organisations, she has designed and delivered many bespoke Learning & Development initiatives for organisations who need their professional to deliver their best. Focusing on areas such as communication skillls, how to make great connections with anyone at any level, building their personal brand, personal confidence and staying focus through difficult times.

Christine is known for her skill in facilitating engaging business environments where excellence can happen through her insightful and practical coaching workshop designs

Refund Policy:
A full refund will be issued if a cancellation is received within 7 days before the start of the event, otherwise, name substitutions will be allowed after this date.

For overseas delegates who wish to attend the event please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters.

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BCSWomen - How to rule the world from your office desk
Date and time
Thursday 7 June, 6:30pm - Wednesday 27 June, 9:00pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
The Davidson Building
5 Southampton Street
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