Data Science is not new, but the last year has seen a greater focus on the ethical aspects of the collection and analysis of data. Much of this focus has been on the ‘black box’ problem (the use of algorithms) and keywords ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ in response to the problem.

This presentation takes a different approach by looking at the ethical issues, and decisions, faced by a data scientist in the process of data collection and processing, and consequent outcomes.

In taking this approach and highlighting the range of issues, decisions and trade-offs to be made by the data scientist, the tight link between ethics and professionalism becomes clear.


SPEAKER: Penny Duquenoy will explain where ethics is an integral and vital part of Data Science.  Penny is a leading expert on Ethics in ICT.


7pm - Networking and food
7.30pm - Presentation
9pm - Finish


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Ethics in Data Science - Sussex Branch
Date and time
Wednesday 10 April, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
University of Sussex
Jubilee 144