Over the last year the BCS Learning & Development Specialist Group have been looking at whether Digital Badging is a just a fad, or something that can add real value to an organisation’s learning culture. In this brief session we will look at whether digital badging and workforce credentialing are the key to addressing the limitations of high stakes certification in a broader competency evaluation approach and how to leverage a Workforce Credentialing approach to add value.

Some of the questions we will consider are:

  • Do we have a common understanding of Workforce Credentialing?
  • Is Workforce Credentialing as it stands today just taking us back to the concept of collecting Scout badges?
  • Can Workforce Credentialing evolve to bridge the growing divide between the personalised learning experience and the more rigid Certification experience?
  • Will digital badging replace certification?
  • Does Workforce Credentialing add value or just ‘dumb down’ Certification?



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Workforce Credentialing - is it just about collecting digital badges?
Date and time
Wednesday 16 January, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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