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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, made the following prediction recently “Put simply, we (Apple) believe augmented reality is going to change the way we use technology forever.”

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment that augments real-world objects with computer-generated information, potentially across multiple sensory modalities. AR uses several types of devices including mobile phones and specialist AR glasses. It is still a frontier technology and is early in its development. But industry commentators see its full potential growing rapidly over the next couple of years.

This workshop-style event will uncover why industry leaders are making such predictions for Augmented Reality (AR) and aims to equip consultants to help their clients prepare to embrace and profit early from this emerging technology.

The event will provide an overview of AR along with simple tools for consultants to help adopting organisations develop a roadmap of how AR applies to them, their products, services and business models. A general overview of AR technologies and devices will be presented and demonstrated. And the presenters will explore how the AR consulting and services space is developing and provide insights into how new AR businesses are succeeding whether pure-plays or from within established businesses.

For clarity, this event is not a deeply technical treatment of the field of AR and those looking for this may be disappointed. Nor is it aimed at any specific technology platform or device type. Nor deeply research focused. Instead, it will provide for general business and technology consultants an authoritative perspective on AR and will assume minimal prior knowledge. But although introductory, the tools and insights are nevertheless applicable to a wide range of AR consultancy situations.

This is a joint event of the BCS Consultancy SG, Institute of Consulting & the CMI


SPEAKERS: Jeremy Yates, Graham Tyler and Alan Warr

Event opens at 18.00 with the workshop commencing at 18.30 till 20.00 when networking with wine and refreshments will continue until 21.00.


Preparation for Attendees (not mandatory):

Before attending the event, we encourage you (if you have not already done this) to download onto your mobile phone one or two AR applications and experience AR yourself, a little ahead of the event. Bring your phone and AR app to the event to share with other attendees along with your observations from its use.



Jeremy Yates BA(Hons), Senior Business Development Manager, Zappar

Jeremy Yates leads the business development of Zappar. Zappar is a fast growth and highly innovative AR software house based in Chiswick, London. Zappar was founded six years ago based on research into AR at Cambridge. Jeremy is an accomplished speaker on AR at industry events and has an unrivalled vantage point at the forefront of AR platform developments to advise the BCS Consultancy community on what is happening in the field of AR.

Graham Tyler BSc(Hons), Senior Consultant, Microsoft

Graham is an experienced digital transformation consultant at Microsoft who will share his perspectives on AR (MR) from the vantage point of working within Microsoft. Microsoft has been a leader in enterprise AR for several years. And with the recent launch of Hololens 2 they have consolidated their leadership and re-affirmed their commitment to AR. AR is part of Graham’s consulting portfolio at Microsoft, positioning him ideally to place enterprise AR/MR within the wider transformation consulting agenda.

Dr Alan Warr PhD MBA MSc CITP MBCS, AR Researcher and Chair of BCS Consultancy Specialist Group

Alan Warr will present overviews of the AR field and its technologies, focused into a simple approach for organisations (public and private sectors) to craft early AR roadmaps or strategies. Alan is a practicing digital transformation specialist with over 25 years experience. His research into AR strategies and technologies originated at the OU and is now located at the Wave Lab at the University of the Aegean. The Wave Lab is a European centre for digital business transformation.


Event Recording

The BCS Consulting SG will post a video recording of the event on the BCS Panopto site afterwards. This will be published on the BCS Consultancy website.

For overseas delegates who wish to attend the event please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters.


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Augmented Reality (AR): The Consultant’s Opportunity - Consultancy SG
Date and time
Tuesday 11 June, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
1st Floor, The Davidson Building
5 Southampton Street
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