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How to fund you Startup from the initial idea to launch.

Are you thinking about forming a Startup or experiencing challenges with your Startup?

We at, ESG, have covered many aspects on our ‘How to Build and Grow a Tech Startup’ programme to help you succeed. With a stronger emphasis on individual mentoring, we have invited mentors with a range of background to come along and meet you.

No matter what service or product your startup will provide, there are many common funding issues. All too often, we see Startups who have missed opportunities or who run into problems because they have skipped over important but tedious steps needed to build a solid foundation. These can often be avoided pre-emptively but if ignored can be problematic and expensive to fix.

Following on from our popular presentations on Intellectual Property and GDPR, we are pleased to have two specialists covering further practical areas that are key to Startups (and also relevant to companies that have been around a while longer!). The event will open with a welcome and introduction from Ian Golding, followed by two short presentations:


Jeremy Acklam - Venture Innovators

Jeremy will describe how he resolved the problem of raising and closing the first and subsequent funding rounds for a startup with practical suggestions on prior necessities and approach.

Brady Last - Breakthrough Funding

Brady will explain how to identify who is eligible for R&D, give an overview what you need to do to claim and what the benefit is worth in monetary terms.
Presentations will be followed by a short discussion period about the ideas you wish to develop or challenges you may be experiencing. This will then lead into the mentoring engagement where we will, where possible, match mentors to mentees.



18:00 Registration & Refreshments
18:15 Welcome/Introduction from Shakeeb Niazi
18:20 Overview of funding from Ian Golding
18:30 Presentations
19:15/19:30 Break, Food & Refreshments
19:30/19:45 Speed Mentoring activities – we aim to provide an opportunity for speed mentoring or group sessions, for all those attending, with a variety of subject matter experts and mentors.
21:00 Close


Our Speakers

Jeremy Acklam https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyacklam/
Jeremy is an entrepreneur and accomplished strategic leader with first-hand experience of creating industry-level change through stakeholder persuasion and technology innovation. His mentor for his first startup was Richard Branson and more recently Jeremy went on to raise £12m for a startup aiming to disrupt the UK rail ticketing market.

Brady Last https://www.linkedin.com/in/brady-last-a46a1b84/
Brady Last has worked as an R&D tax technical specialist since 2013. She is currently the Managing Director of Breakthrough Funding, who won the Best Independent Tax Consultancy at the Tolley’s Tax Awards 2019. She has overseen over 1000 successful claims securing £51 million for small business owners. Brady was a founding member of the team that started the company in March 2015 and now employs 20 staff with an expected turnover of £2.6million in its fourth full year of trading. Brady previously worked with clients such as Ernst and Young and PwC and is a self-confessed R&D tax geek.


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Tech Mentoring Monday - Early Stage Funding - Show me the money! - Entrepreneurs SG
Date and time
Monday 3 June, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
Davidson Building
5 Southampton Street
This event is sold out