With the potential interest in AI, there are many serious issues to be considered come and take part in this panel dicsussion.

Preceded by the Quality SG Annual General Meeting

Chair - Carol Long - Chair of BCS Quality SG

Chris Rees - Immediate Past President of the BCS
Tony Gillespie - Member of IEEEP700 Working Group


18:30 – 18.45 – Refreshments, and Delegate Networking
18.45 - 19:00– Quality AGM
19.00 – 20.30 Panel Discussion
20:30 - Close


With the potential interest in AI, there are many serious issues to be considered, from the ethical to trying to ensure quality – these are not only for tomorrow but for today. The panel will give their views, then open to wider discussion



Chris Rees, Immediate Past President of the BCS, has long been an advocate of ethical business practices. He co-wrote a book “From Principles to Profit – The Art of Moral Management” (Duckworth, 2006) and has given many seminars on business ethics. He took the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence as his presidential theme last year and gave presentations on it to BCS, professional and lay audiences in the UK, Europe, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Australia. He continues to do so as Immediate Past President.

Before his retirement, he was a Director of Charteris plc, a practising management consultant and expert witness in IT disputes. Before that he was a Consulting Partner at Deloitte.

Tony Gillespie - As well as membership of the IEEE P7000 working group, Tony is also a member of the IEEE Global Initiative and one of the authors of the section on Reframing Autonomous Weapons for the next edition. He has just published a book "Systems Engineering for Ethical Autonomous Systems". ( https://shop.theiet.org/systems-engineering-for-ethical-autonomous-systems ) Clicking on the link there to the IET Digital Library gives more detail for each chapter.


For overseas delegates who wish to attend the event please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters.


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AI, Quality and Ethics Panel Discussion following Quality AGM - Quality SG
Date and time
Thursday 28 November, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
Ground Floor
25 Copthall Avenue
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