Many data scientist and computer scientists are what some call "gifted" people but most have never had any special education or coaching to learn to cope with their differences. Kostas has done some research into this and is willing to share these in a presentation to the London South branch.




Speaker: Konstantinos Bonikos, known as Kostas; Sales Engineer and Data Scientist.






If this world does not feel quite right for you there are 23 points that this talk will cover:


1. Have you been out of sync? Or know someone who is? Have you experienced the terror of realising you are smarter than your doctor?

2. A note on mental differences (low IQ, disturbed, high IQ, autism, other)

3. Why Gifted? Because just ‘IQ’ or ‘intelligence’ won’t cut it. The Intelligence “Tree”

4. Who could be Gifted? Symptoms

5. What this talk is about; stimulus not results

6. Yes, you are crazy, dégénéré supérieur?

7. Over-excitability! I often cannot believe what I am witnessing

8. The Unbalanced Mind; Neurosis or Progress? - unstable (aero) dynamics

9. Emotional development is asynchronous

10. Coexisting problems: ADD/ADHD, autism, mood disorders. Finding a good specialist

11. Isolation; guess which group is over-represented in prisons, the “loser” genius

12. School: boring, boring, boring, the floor is on fire (I have no study skills). The tragedy of the glimpse of genius with lack of discipline

13. Work; it is not funny if the joke is on you

14. Dating: when love dolls look like a viable option

15. Gifted children; heredity, bot-teachers, bullying, stimulation resources

16. What now: Tune in, drop out, find the others. The problem is defined; responsibility

17. Tune in: Books, online resources, remarkable historical figures

18. Drop out: You are not part of this reality, learn to cope, don’t try to fit in too much

19. Find the others: friends, love, my first flash-mob

20. Positive disintegration and Dabrowski’s levels of personality

21. Too late? Remember 10 years ago when you thought it was too late? Time travel.

22. How to survive: humility, kindness, mindfulness

23. What if you are not gifted? What I learned from autism and learning-disabled people



About the speaker:

Kostas works as a sales engineer and data scientist. He has worked in the field of data science under its different names for the last 10 years; has been a proud IBMer and now is a proud Alterian (Altair Engineering).

He is married to a suitably qualified forensic psychologist and has a young son, two rabbits and a tortoise. He has degrees in physics and finance, yet works in computer software and is plagued by intense curiosity. He has many diverse and obscure interests one of which is gifted individuals and their lives. This interest started from encountering gifted individuals in his family, friends and working with them later in life as a colleague, he is not particularly concerned about being gifted himself; he is definitely odd and not by choice, but has embraced that and hopes to offer attendees the relevant initial stimulus and resources in case you are gifted or live or work with someone who is.





Tea and coffee will be available from 6pm. The presentation will start at 6:30pm. This will last about an hour, after which where will be an opportunity for networking assisted by sandwiches and wine.


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Gifted - the most neglected segment (PDF)


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Gifted - The most neglected segment - London South Branch
Date and time
Tuesday 24 September, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
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