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To manage multiple, conflicting, qualities of software systems, such as usability, security and technical debt, you must first quantify those qualities. You then have to estimate and measure the quality attributes, together with all architecture and design that affects those qualities, and all consequent costs short-term and long-term.

This talk will present practical advanced methods for quality for software engineering, and for making complex systems simpler to manage in practice. It will give free links to additional detail.

Highlights include:

  • a quantification language for quality requirements, and for architecture
  • a quality evaluation matrix for estimating, and tracking, all qualities being developed in architecture phases, and in project management
  • an Agile contracting method, based on incremental delivery of stakeholder-valued results
  • a quality control method, for measuring the quality of any requirements, or architecture specifications
  • an advanced Agile project management process for dealing with multiple qualities and costs
  • a dynamic design-to-cost architecture and agile method, which gives exceptional control over costs and deadlines

All participants will receive a free digital copy of the book Technoscopes.




Agenda (this event is online only)

18:00 Registration, refreshments and sandwiches

18:30 Presentation

20:00 Networking, further refreshments & wine

20:30 Close



Tom Gilb is chiefly known for his work from 1968 to 1981 on evolutionary software development processes (Evo), which is probably the earliest of the agile development methods. Leading luminaries of the Agile movement such as Jeff Sutherland, Mike Kohn, Ron Jeffries, Kent Beck, Mary Poppendieck and Ward Cunningham acknowledge Tom Gilb as the originator of most of the underlying concepts embodied in iterative, evolutionary delivery methods such as Scrum and XP.

Tom Gilb was born in Pasadena in 1940, emigrated to London in 1956, and to Norway in 1958, where he joined IBM for five years, and where he resides when not traveling extensively. He is currently an independent consultant, teacher and author, in partnership with his son Kai Gilb.

He has mainly worked within the software engineering community, but since 1983 with Corporate Top Management problems, and since 1988 with large-scale systems engineering (Aircraft, Telecoms, and Electronics). He has published nine books, including the early coining of the term "Software Metrics" (1976) which is the recognized foundation ideas for IBM CMM/SEI CMM/CMMI Level 4.


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Webinar: Technoscopes - Meet the Challenge of Software Engineering Complexity - SPA
Date and time
Wednesday 1 April, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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