This is a joint event between London Central branch, North London branch, Business Change specialist group and Agile Methods specialist group.

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This session is going to be about how to compete in the age of software - an interconnected, real-time world in which every industry is dependent on technology and every organisation (at least in part) is a software company. To remain competitive, enterprises need to digitally transform their operations, business solutions, and customer experience. The larger challenge in many enterprises is that their current business models, organisational hierarchy, and technology infrastructure can’t keep pace with the rapid change required.

SAFe provides a proven set of integrated patterns that allow the whole company to change and adapt. We will review at a high level what SAFe is and what problems it is trying to solve. We will also look at how Vodafone has implemented it to transform the way it provides Customer Services, and winning the coveted IDC’s Digital Transformer of the year 2017 award.

About the speaker

Diego Groiso - Enterprise Agile Coach & Founder and CEO, Let's Improve Ltd

Diego Groiso led the Agile implementation in Vodafone Group Enterprise using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), launching the first large Scale Agile Digital Transformation Programme, becoming the Release Train Engineer and coaching other similar programmes.

Currently, he supports companies in their Agile journeys as an Enterprise Agile Coach, Trainer and Release Train Engineer. He has an excellent track record of implementing SAFe, launching Agile Release Trains, facilitating Programme Increment planning events as well as Story Mapping, Backlog refinement workshops, Programme Retrospectives, among others.

He has an MBA from UC Berkeley, an Electronic Engineer degree and more than 20 years in the corporate world, providing him with an excellent understanding of the complexities surrounding the delivery of value in Digital transformation Programmes. Diego is fluent in English and Spanish.

This event is brought to you by: London Central branch, North London branch, Business Change specialist group and Agile Methods specialist group

Webinar: Agile Transformation and the SAFe Agile Framework
Date and time
Wednesday 12 August, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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