A brief look at the past, present and future of SFIA.

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Ian Seward


The SFIA Skills and Competency Framework was first published in 2000, it has been regularly updated to reflect the changing needs industry. SFIA is now in the midst of its latest update for release in 2021 as SFIA 8.

This session will take a brief look into the past to explain how SFIA has matured over the last 20 years into the global common reference model that it is today. It will look at the present and why SFIA is so much more than just a skills and competency framework along with our current activities in the on-going refresh to deliver SFIA 8 – which is your chance to get involved. Finally, we’ll look to the future and present our current plans for the SFIA Foundation, the SFIA Framework and the global SFIA Ecosystem.

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Webinar: SFIA - from a good idea to a global phenomena without trying
Date and time
Tuesday 25 August, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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