We invite all members and non-members to attend our December Festive IT Event.


For those who joined us last year, we return this year, of all years, with a follow up to bestow ourselves with a little light-hearted festive fun and give us all something a little more cheery to remember this whole sorry year for.

If you are currently a little discombobulated by the events of this most discombobulating of years, sit back and let us mystify, dazzle, befuddle, entertain, bamboozle and generally astound you with the magic that is IT.

“Robbery, whoredom, murder and what not…” ~ No, it's not a summary of this year's festive offerings from the soaps' such as Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and the like although it is probably quite accurate, but an article on Christmas written by one Philip Stubbes in 1583! Not that things had improved much some 50 years later in 1633 when William Prynne penned an article entitled Popish, Pagan, and Devilish on the same topic.

So, how had Christmas come to this sorry state of affairs? Has it improved since?

To find out more in the locked down, tiered-state we now find ourselves in when you can't do out for a drink or a meal never mind going to a BCS meeting, draw up a comfy chair in front of a cosy screen, armed with a few mince pies and a generous glass of mulled wine (or whatever takes your fancy) whilst I take you through a brief amble through the whys and wherefores of this festive season.

How does Santa do that? ~ If you’re confused at how Santa can deliver all the presents, let me guide you through the logistics of Lapland and the mechanics of magic. From quantum superpositions to avoiding sonic booms, I’ll bring in the latest bits of modern science to explain this incredible phenomenon!

About the speakers

Terry Bounds, head cook and bottle washer, general dogsbody, chief scapegoat and, if that were not enough hardship, still shackled as Vice -hair of the BCS Birmingham Branch. For those interested in such things, he is married with three children and five grandchildren and, when not going into battle with that nefarious group called the committee, he is treasurer to his local church whose patron saint appears to be one Ebenezer Scrooge (you try getting money out of the congregation!) and leader of a local Boys’ Brigade Company, in other words, a glutton for punishment. He has had a close interest in matters Christmas from an early age when he once commented to his mother one Christmas Night - “Mum, that Father Christmas has our dad’s slippers on!”

Jacob Wilson, a second-year Computer Science student at the University of Birmingham and Tech Degree Apprentice at PwC. I’m interested in all sorts of applications of Tech, especially AI and how it might change the future. Outside of Tech, I like to play board games and I’m a member of the University Fencing Club.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

This event is brought to you by: BCS Birmingham branch

Webinar: Bring your own mince pies
Date and time
Tuesday 15 December, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
This event is sold out