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Melanie Franklin


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Do you think change management has been changed by the Covid crisis? A lot of organisations made rapid changes to their operating models, moving staff to work from home and moving services online. They did all this without establishing formal programmes of change, and creating planning documents.

The emphasis was on swift decision making and getting things done. As a result, is it time to exploit the abilities that leaders have shown for navigating change, and democratise change management responsibilities away from a small group of experts to the wider leadership pool? If leaders are to become change leaders, we must first establish the value of change management. Unless this skill set is seen as aspirational, why would leaders want to invest in this area of their development?

Melanie will summarise where she thinks the change management profession is after a tumultuous year, summarise what she things the value of change management is and how we create a “pull” mechanism that brings leaders willingly into our world. At each step of her presentation you will be invited to share your thoughts and vote on the priority of her ideas.

About the speaker

Melanie FranklinMelanie is responsible for the successful delivery of Agile transformations, using the concepts and principles of many Agile approaches to create a structure and a culture that delivers and evolving solution and realises early benefits.

She is acknowledged as a thought leader in Agile Change Management, through academic research and practical consulting for global organisations as diverse as the United Nations, National Grid US and central government functions in Europe and the Middle East.

She is Chief Examiner for the Agile Change Agent certification, Co-Lead of the Change Management Institute UK, and a respected author of text books and articles on Agile Change. Her previous roles include CEO of a consulting and training organisation, Director of Global Transformation Programmes, Global Head of Business Continuity and Crisis Management and Head of Project and Programme Management.

She is currently overseeing two major transformations, one impacting 200,000 staff and one requiring the restructuring of a UK/US business.

Melanie is a talented communicator and has a reputation for delivering complex information with humour and passion. She draws on her wealth of practical experience to illustrate concepts and to engage her audience in lively debates on advantages and disadvantages of each approach that she outlines.

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Webinar: Change in the times of Covid-19
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Tuesday 1 December, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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