The workshop is aimed at software engineers, who are already familiar with at least one other language. Limited spaces available.


Rust is a systems programming language focusing on performance, reliability and productivity. Rust achieves this by guaranteeing memory safety during compile time, without the need of any runtime or garbage collector. Its ecosystem provides modern features and tooling to make working with it as comfortable as possible.

Even though Rust has great documentation, like the Rust book, it still has a pretty steep learning curve. This workshop will help you to understand the
language and will give you a head start for your Rust journey.

In the first part of the workshop, we look at the tooling of Rust, discover the basics and write our first small Rust program. After that we go in a half hour
break, where you can relax and ask questions (you should do this also during the workshop, of course!). The second part will give you a sneak peek into advanced Rust concepts, empowering you to understand most of the code out there. We conclude the workshop by looking at embedded Rust by targeting a RISC-V platform with your second Rust program.

About the speaker

Philipp Krones, Team lead of the Rust linter, Clippy

Philipp Krones works for Embecosm in Nürnberg, specializing in the Rust tool chain and AI. As a member of The Rust Programming Language organization, he leads the work on the Rust linter called Clippy. Rust is his favorite language and bringing the gift of Rust to other people is always a pleasure.

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Webinar: Rust Workshop - Open Source SG
Date and time
Thursday 17 December, 12:00pm - 6:00pm
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