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The digital technology to support learning in Scottish schools has become more complex in recent years, and that journey continues with a move to online platforms through and alongside Glow.

Microsoft 365 and Google Classroom are now very popular across Scotland with learners and teachers being largely positive with the move. Some Councils are delivering their own tenancies out with Glow which increases their capabilities and flexibility but disconnects them with some aspects of national provision.

In the past six months, in response to Covid-19, many schools have also accelerated their move to personal mobile technology, with Chromebooks and iPads a prevalent option. There are huge benefits of this roll out but obvious difficulties in some curricular areas due to platform choice.

The presentation will look to tease out some solutions to the challenges going forward.

About the speaker

Tommy LawsonTommy Lawson, Schools Technology Adviser, University of Edinburgh

Tommy has spent the past 38 years working with digital technology in Scottish schools. As an engineer turned maths and computing teacher, he specialised in both the technical infrastructure, managing an in-house team of technicians and with teachers driving forward learning through digital.

He is an experienced engineer, learning and assistive technologist, teacher, school and project manager. His experience is in operational through to strategic in many aspects of digital learning including school design (23 so far), mobile learning, inspiring learning spaces and technology, assistive technology, safer internet, web and social media.

Having retired from public service, he is currently an adviser to the University of Edinburgh’s Data Driven Innovation programme, supporting both the Data Education in Schools and the IOT in Schools programmes.

Recent research interests include digitally empowered learning spaces, data and digital education and technology in schools and the impact of Covid-19 on learning through digital.

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Webinar: Technology challenges in and around the Scottish classroom
Date and time
Wednesday 16 December, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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