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History, reality, pragmatism, tantrums, tiaras and naked emperors delivering appallingly dangerous UX.


In a quick fire and far ranging presentation including real life developments and case studies of systems like the www.echoborg.com the audience will be exposed to the real underbelly of what is possible, pragmatic and practical in the development of Conversational Interfaces in the coming years.


Dispelling some myths and exposing some snake oil, that is slowly being condensed down to snakes, and oil, the presenter will offer up a classification of the Artificial Intelligence that shows the two competing arms, their strengths and weaknesses.


Through experiences and insights, the middle path will be exposed where hybrid systems utilising useful data, not just big data because it’s big, in partnership with human stewarded rules based systems, can be clearly seen as the framework for effective understanding and delivery of emotionally impactful messages to consumers, markets and the business people that aim to deliver such.


Pin-pointing the frameworks that are currently available and the underlying commercial imperatives that drive what is commonly known as “surveillance capitalism”, in contrast to the original desires and aspirations of the Internet at its conception, will be a drawing back of the curtain to expose the controllers and their agendas.


Referencing social scientific methods as well as algorithmic approaches in the definition of what actually makes up the Hybrid Systems that will underpin human to computer to human interactions as we enter the 2020’s, will be the take-away from this unusual and unique perspective on our shared digital world.



Speaker: Phil D Hall of Elzware Ltd



About the speaker:

Phil D Hall has been delivering practical, effective, resilient A.I. Conversational Systems since 1999, though he built his first ChatBot in 1982 on a ZX Spectrum. He is the Founder of Elzware Limited, an anthropologically contextualised company with a specialty in the application of socio-cultural methodologies aided in part by ethnographic research in the first massive graphical virtual world which he approached at 28.8 kbps while studying at UCL.


Elzware has created, in various partnership, more than 80 FAQ and more recently fully conversational hybrid AI systems for banks, telephone and TV companies, hardware manufacturers, insurance companies, charities, transport, education, pharma and healthcare clients. He is currently working with photo realistic Avatars rendering real-time lipsync and also working in performance with a human Avatar delivering an A.I.’s part of the negotiation as an audience attempts to agree on a best possible outcome between humans and intelligent machines.




Tea and coffee will be available from 6pm. The main presentation will start at 6:30pm. This will last about an hour, after which where will be an opportunity for networking assisted by sandwiches and wine.



Free to attend for both BCS members and non-members.  Everyone will need to sign in on arrival to gain entry to the building.


Please note, duplicate names of delegates will be deleted.  For overseas delegates who wish to attend the event please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters.



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Why all the snake oil in Conversational A.I. ? - London South Branch
Date and time
Tuesday 25 February, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
Ground Floor, 25 Copthall Avenue
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