This webinar will be of value to those with an interest in real-time big data analysis, transport safety systems and railway operations.


Dr Xiaocheng Ge and Chris Harrison


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If a train passes a stop signal without authority then this hazardous event is termed “SPAD” (Signal passed At a Danger). Knowing the number of trains that approach a red-aspect signal (the ‘red approach rate’) and whether those trains were signalled to stop is fundamental to the understanding of SPAD risk . RAATS is a platform developed to provide systemic insight into SPAD risks assessment by digesting multiple data streams of real-time rail operations. The presentation will cover:

  • the latest SPAD risk assessment;
  • the architecture and development of RAATS;
  • the challenges and solutions in the development of such a big-data systems;
  • further usages of RAATS and some extensions.


Speaker: Dr Xiacheng
Dr Xiacheng gained a BSc in Electronic Engineering in 1996. He became a research fellow at Department of Computer Science, University of York, in 2004, then received his PhD in Computer Science later. In 2016, from University of York, he joined the team at Institute of Railway Research, University of Huddersfield, and continued his research in the field of railway RAMS and safety assessment, especially model-based and data-driven safety analysis. Over the years, he has led several research and industrial projects, published more than 40 conference/journal papers, and been invited to give a few public lectures and keynote speeches in occasions.

Speaker: Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison is currently a Principal Risk Analyst working in the Risk and Safety Intelligence Department at RSSB. He is the technical lead on the Safety Risk Model, the GB rail industry’s network wide model of safety risk. He has undertaken a wide range of projects analysing and modelling risk for problems encompassing the full range of railway technology and operations over many years, in particular in the area of train accident risk.


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Webinar: "Safety on the UK Rail System - RAATS" - Data Management
Date and time
Thursday 2 July, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

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