Best practices, lessons learned and practical examples to successfully lead teams remotely. A webinar to share experiences.


Chris Farmer


18:25 - Prompt start, main presentation by Chris Farmer
19:30 - Approximate finish


As we all know, remote working has hit most of us as a result of Coronavirus. Almost overnight it re-shaped the way organisations work - closing offices, pausing travel and working from home. Many managers are now responsible for leading a remote team without any prior experience. Many people will be able to manage a remote team, but leading them is much different.

In this presentation Chris will share his own best practices, lessons learned and practical examples to successfully lead teams remotely.

Chris has recently posted a LinkedIn article sharing his views around remote working models.

About the speaker

Chris Farmer is a highly experienced technology leader with vast experience across a wide range of technology platforms. Having started his IT career on a Service Desk, he gained a wealth of all round knowledge on the front line. This gave him a great grounding, while allowing him to dip his toes into MI reporting. Many years followed as a Data Warehouse and then application developer. As a senior developer, while mentoring others, he found my true passion - leadership.

For the past 10 years he have been leading primarily application focused teams at a national and international scale. For the past 2 years he sat alone in the UK while leading multi-discipline teams across dispersed geographies. Chris learned a huge amount about building and developing high performing remote teams that drive business transformation, solution delivery and operational excellence.


Successfully leading remote teams (PDF)
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Webinar: Successfully leading remote teams
Date and time
Tuesday 7 July, 6:25pm - 7:30pm

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