Presentation on improving the quality of code.

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Codegrades - Educating for a coding culture


Code Grades is a free to use product with a learning philosophy. Our presenter Nicholas used to be the Education Director for the Python Software Foundation. He is also a professional coder and has facilitated learning experiences for thousands of Python coders. He travels the world supporting PYCON, which is the conference arm of the Python Software Foundation, delivering sessions and workshops for them. He is an active supporter of education and leads workshops and seminars in schools and universities.

About the speaker

Nicholas Tollervey

Nicholas trained as a music teacher in schools prior to becoming a developer, and works on a contract basis so that he can divide his time between supporting education as a volunteer and working in industry.

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Webinar: Code grades - improving the quality of code
Date and time
Wednesday 24 June, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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