Talk about effective remote communication.


Andrew Hatcher


The presentation will start at 18:25 and should last about 30 minutes


Remote communication is becoming the norm during the current situation and is probably set to continue as we get accustomed to the new ways of working. Using his skills and experience of operating as a consultant in the virtual world Andrew will speak about how to control and run sessions remotely and effectively.

About the speaker

Andrew is driven to assisting companies, whether it is a new business idea or rebuilding and rejuvenating with positive change. He started his new business, Swindon Consultants, in 2018 and set up the Cobra Club UK - a digital business hub. The Cobra Club UK offers business support and advice, access to industry experts and access to a host of virtual business services include hosting 1-2-1 appointments, break out meeting rooms and large presentations.


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Webinar: Effective control of remote business sessions
Date and time
Tuesday 16 June, 6:25pm - 7:30pm

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