Designing Infosec Controls. This session will attempt to lift the veil on the mystery surrounding the simple statement, "This system lacks adequate control"

Dr John Mitchell - Managing Director of LHS Business Control


7.00pm: John will begin his presentation
8.00pm End of event 


For many projects operational control is often an afterthought and is seldom considered at the requirements and design phases.

• Why is this?
• What is a control?  Are there different types of control? 
• How do they operate? 
• Can we measure their effectiveness? 
Many Infosec controls are invisible, either because they are in the code, or are operating on transactions which are themselves invisible.  How can assurance professionals help design well controlled systems?  Is there a link between risk and control?  What is the process for designing strong controls at the design phase?  This session will attempt to lift the veil on the mystery surrounding the simple statement, “this system lacks adequate control”.


Headline Speaker: Dr John Mitchell

Dr John Mitchell is managing director of LHS Business Control, a consultancy which he founded in 1988 to specialise in corporate governance and risk management. He is an international authority on corporate governance, the control of computer systems, the investigation of computer crime and the impact of regulatory and compliance issues on the delivery of IT services.

John has been an expert witness in a number of high-profile UK criminal cases and he has featured in a major British computing publication as The IT Detective.

He has previously been a member of BCS Council, a member of the its Risk Audit and Finance Committee and Chair of its Information Risk Management and Assurance specialist group. He is a holder of the John Ivinson medal for services to the institute.   His doctorate in risk analysis techniques was awarded by City University, London, England.  His MBA in financial control was awarded, with distinction, by Middlesex University, England.



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Nottingham and Derby Branch

Webinar: Designing Infosec Controls  - Nottingham and Derby Branch
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Monday 18 May, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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