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Teacher: Tom Gilb, Hon FBCS


18:00 - Main presentation
20:30 - Approximate close



In a ‘Sound Bite’
Value Delivery Depends on Good Management
A One Liner:

Management can control value delivery by quantifying values as well as they do money and time
Main Ideas for the course.

1. Stakeholders determine critical values
2. All critical values can be expressed as quantitatively as you do time or money
3. All strategies for delivering values can be estimated and measured
4. Contracting can be based on real incremental delivery of useful value improvements
5. Motivation and responsibility can be value driven

Please ensure you have a laptop or tablet so that you can access fully the presentation and other documentation, as well as participate in exercises, and use specification tools.

Managing IT projects successfully requires disciplined focus on the stakeholder-valued success levels of improvements they expect. The contract between your stakeholders, you, and your project team must be a clear quantified statement of the top-level critical objectives, that define success. One page of the top 10 critical objectives quantified makes all the difference!

Unfortunately most all project management methods fail to do this simple thing. Or they give it lip service (“focus on customer values”) but in fact do not quantify, and follow up, those values at all. Look for value quantification in practice, rather than platitudes.

If you cannot quantify the key success factors, on the first day of your project, you will not know the difference between success and failure, and you will fail to deliver necessary value levels on time.

If you want to learn a fundamental secret of success as a manager, and to distinguish yourself from this who do not know the secret, this is your chance. Exceptional managers should attend.

Do not follow the crowd. Their total failure rate is 40% to 60%. Get the keys to your career success.

Main Subjects: (see book below for detail)

1.Managing value requirements
2. Managing value design
3. Managing quality assurance
4. Managing value delivery
5. Managing suppliers and Contracts
6. Managing risks
7. Managing priorities
8. Motivating people

Documentation: the course is based on the recent textbook
Title: “Value Management: Super Management Techniques.”

URL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7utbgxzcmahfj0c/Value%20Management%20MASTER%20B070819%20V160819.2252.pdf?dl=0

Which BCS Members may download, print out, get signed by the teacher, at any time in order to evaluate the course contents, and to prepare for the course beforehand, and to study and share with their organization afterwards; if they wish.


Tom Gilb HonFBCS joined IBM in 1958. He has been an international consultant and teacher for 55 years. Written 10 published books. Competitive Engineering (2005), and Value Planning (2016). As well as 10 digitally published books in 2018 and 2019. Tom has developed advanced methods for developing systems of any kind, with emphasis on IT systems and High Quality systems.

He is Honorary Fellow of BCS.

Tom Gilb and his partner Kai Gilb have, together with many professional friends and clients, personally developed the Agile ‘Engineering’ methods they teach. The methods have been developed over five decades of practice all over the world in both small companies and projects, as well as in the largest companies and projects. Their website www.Gilb.com/ offers free papers, slides, books, videos, and cases about Agile and many other subjects.

There are many organisations, and individuals, who use some or all of their methods. IBM and HP were two early corporate-wide adopters (1980, 1988). As of 2016 over 20,000 engineers at Intel have voluntarily adopted the Planguage requirements specification methods; in addition to practicing to a lesser extent Evo, Spec QC and other Gilb methods.

Many other multinationals are in various phases of adopting and practicing the Gilb methods. Many smaller companies also use the methods.

Tom’s methods are 100% risk conscious and devoted to reducing the risks of failure and partial failure, by attention to the details, and to the big picture.


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Webinar: Value Management Workshop - Super Management Techniques - SPA SG
Date and time
Wednesday 13 May, 6:00pm - 8:30pm

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