We are holding our annual AGM from the comfort of your own home. We invite all members to grab a snack and join us.


19:00 - Webinar starts
21:00 - Webinar ends


We will be setting the agenda for the coming year, with the understanding that face to face meetings will not happen until 2021. With this in mind, we need to elect a new committee and think about the types of talks/events we would like to host in the coming months.

In addition, our long-serving Committee chair, Dr Mary Garvey, will be retiring from her role as Chair of the committee, meaning that the roles within our Branch will need to be considered. We thank Mary for her tireless efforts and hope she will continue to advise the committee. This means we are seeking people to infuse new blood into our branch, to bring meaningful talks and events to life. We will be looking for nominations and expressions of interest for these roles:

Chair (Mandatory)

  • Must be a professional member of BCS (MBCS/FBCS).
  • Responsible for the supervision of all matters concerning the effective leadership of the Member Group.
  • Chairs all general (AGMs and EGMs) and committee meetings.
  • Prepares the Chair’s Report for each AGM.

Please request details if you are interested in this role.

Treasurer (Mandatory)

  • Must be a professional member of BCS (MBCS/FBCS).
  • Prepares annual budget and potential project funding each year.
  • Responsibility to the Member Group Committee for the Member Group funds and any other appropriate financial business.

Please request details if you are interested in this role.

At least 3 other (General) Committee members. (Can carry out some of the roles listed below.)

  • Helps runs the group generally.
  • Deputises for other officers as required.
  • Particularly required for helping to establish the season’s programme.

Recommend that the following roles are covered by the committee, whether by an individual or shared alongside another role.


  • Gives due notice of all general meetings (AGMs and EGMs) to all group members.
  • Gives due notice of committee vacancies to all group members.
  • Arranges suitable locations for committee meetings.
  • Prepares and issues agenda for all general meetings and committee meetings.

Please request more details if you are interested in this role

These are not mandatory roles, but by filling these positions, our branch can fulfil its potential.

  • Email Coordinator
  • Webmaster
  • Publicity Officer
  • Young Professional Group (YPG) Representative
  • Events Coordinator / Programme Card Coordinator
  • Education Liaison Officer
  • Disability Support Officer
  • Industry Liaison Officer
  • Social Media Officer

If you would like further information about any of the above roles, please contact wolvessec@bcs.org.uk.

We will engage remotely for the moment but will think of new ways forward to bring useful and meaningful talks your way. If you have any ideas or would like to hear talks around a specific subject, please write to wolvessec@bcs.org.uk. If you are willing to do a talk or know someone who has something interesting to say, we would be most obliged to hear from you.

Typically, this would be a catered event. Instead, we will offer an opportunity to chat with each other over your preferred refreshment in your own home after the meeting itself, and hopefully be able to share anecdotes for the last few months, which will have a lasting effect on IT.

For the social session, the theme will be “What will change in IT forever as the result of Covid”. If you have an example from your home life or workplace that you wish to share, get in touch so we can make sure you have a chance to relate it to the group.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

This event is brought to you by: BCS Wolverhampton branch

Webinar: Annual General Meeting - Wolverhampton branch
Date and time
Thursday 5 November, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
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