This webinar presents a new type of Cyber-Physical-Social Eco-Society (CPSeS) of systems that aims to converge immersive and robotic tech.


Dr Louis Nisiotis and Dr Lyuba Alboul


18:00 - Webinar starts
19:30 - Webinar ends


The exponential increase in the use of interconnected devices and the recent advancements in technology have influenced the development of intelligent computing and cyber-physical systems. Working with Immersive Digital Reality technologies (VR/AR/MR/XR), Robots, Digital Twins, Wearables, and other emerging multimodal interactive systems has drawn a significant interest over the past few years. Especially when these technologies are fused together to provide opportunities that may radically change the way humans interact with real and digital environments, artificial agents, and with each other.

This webinar presents a new type of Cyber-Physical-Social Eco-Society (CPSeS) of systems that aims to converge immersive and robotic technologies to create new digital realities and make the difference between the real with virtual worlds less distinct.

About the speakers

Dr Louis Nisiotis is a Lecturer in Computing at the University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus Campus (formerly Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, UK), specialising in Immersive Technologies, and their application in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems and in Education. He is specifically interested in the use of XR in convergence with other emerging multimodal interactive technologies to disrupt the way (we) humans interact with the real and digital worlds, with our surroundings and with each other. His research interests include VR/AR/MR/XR, Human-Computer Interaction, Cyber-Physical-Social-Systems, Digital Twins, Computer Supported Collaborative Work/Learning, User interaction, Sociability, Presence and Immersion in Virtual Worlds.

Dr Lyuba Alboul is a Senior Research Fellow at the Industry and Innovation Research Institute, and a lecturer at the Department of Engineering and Mathematics, Sheffield Hallam University. Lyuba has been conducting research on the interface of various scientific domains.

She has been awarded over 15 research grants (both personal and as a member of consortia) from local and international funding bodies in Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. Among those are EPSRC, EU, MoD, STW/ NWO (Analogue of EPSRC in the Netherlands), and CNR (Analogue of EPSRC in Italy) on subjects in Mathematics, Computing, 3D modelling, Robotics and AI.

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Webinar: Fusion of realities: amalgamation of XR and Robotics Technologies
Date and time
Thursday 19 November, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
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