Leading sustainable change in organisational ecosystems.

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It's never been more evident that we live and work within an ecosystem of individuals, groups and organisations. It's little wonder that sustainable change is elusive. But whether it's as significant as a Brexit or as personal as finding a job, the obstacles to change are surprisingly similar. Perhaps more surprisingly, the solutions are also similar.

This webinar will equip you with a simple tool that will enable you and your clients, to embrace the unpredictability of ecosystems, not try to control it. Gary will explain why received wisdom is doomed to failure and how you can think and act differently, for changes large and small. The webinar is based on Gary’s forthcoming book, Gardeners not Mechanics: how to cultivate change at work.

About the speaker

Gary LloydGary Lloyd MBA, BSc, CEng, CITP, MBCS, Head Gardener, Gardeners not Mechanics
Gary Lloyd helps organisations make sustainable change, using an approach that combines: Lean Project Management; Behavioural Science; Design Thinking and solid Programme Management practice. He is a highly experienced consultant, coach, trainer and author, and is a successful speaker at conferences and training events. Gary is an executive coach and mentor at the prestigious Warwick Business School.

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Webinar: Gardeners not Mechanics: How to cultivate change at work
Date and time
Tuesday 10 November, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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